iGO Primo

After years of delivering line-fit navigation solutions to automotive partners around the world, NNG recognized the need for a single technology that raises navigation software to a new level of usability. iGO primo nextgen, NNG’s latest groundbreaking automotive software, allows Tier1s and OEM partners to provide their customers with a revolutionary navigation software experience.

Automotive HMI: The new HMI of iGO primo nextgen was specifically designed for automotive use, in order to increase in-car navigation usability & experience and decrease driver distraction. It has been created based on customer and OEM feedbacks collected over the years. Besides the automotive focus, it allows seamless smartphone and tablet integration as well.

Flexibility: iGO primo nextgen provides a one-technology solution for all automotive demands –it can be integrated with any rdware, operating system, screen resolution and infotainment system, in any depth required by the OEM. Customization of HMI, menu and feature set is also quicker and simpler now..

Connected Services: iGO primo nextgen offers in-car connectivity built into the software, using the services and contents of arious providers for all regions. The connected services vary from live traffic and local search, through parking and fuel price information to live weather information.

NavFusion: NavFusion is NNG’s innovative solution for head-unit and smartphone integration, already available with iGO primo nextgen. It provides constant connectivity, easier map updates and automatic user data synchronization in the background.

iGO primo®, the flagship OEM product in the iGO Navigation range combines simplicity of use with the most recent technological advances in features and functionality.

Main Features:

  • State-of-the-art intuitive UI
  • Truck features
  • Latest Map Guarantee
  • Connected features
  • Intuitive features
  • Fleet and mobile resource management
  • HD 3D Visual Experience

Intelligent Navigation Features

Congestion detour:

Based on the slowdown of the car, the congestion detour feature recognizes traffic jams on the highway — even if they are not indicated by the traffic service. It immediately calculates detours and gives hints, instead of blindly continuing according to the original plan.

Hints upon detour:

When a driver suddenly leaves the highway – which can be either to avoid something ahead or to stop for something in the neighborhood (fuel station, rest area, restaurant, etc.) – the software tries to find out the reason for doing so, instead of forcing the driver back on the planned route. The hints upon detour feature provides appropriate hints in an unobtrusive way.

Real-time route alternatives:

Taking advantage of crossroads, real-time route alternatives are given if the car approaches an inner-city junction too slowly, and the driver sees that the planned route is affected by congestion. (This feature is switched off by default.)

Parking around destination:

software not only shows parking places in the neighborhood, but also ranks them in order of the optimum distance from the destination.