NNG Launch the ‘iGO Primo Nextgen’ Navigation in India

Designed specifically for the automotive industry, it offerseasy adaptability to systems and hardware,which promises to be the perfect OEM fit, while an innovative feature will offer seamless mobile phone integration.

In a widespread country like India, the sheer number of roads and names of the same make navigating extremely tough.

The need of the hour for OEM’s in India was a single technology that raises the navigation software to a new level of usability, easy connectivity and feasibility. NNG realized this gap in the market and to address it, developed their groundbreaking new technology - ‘iGOprimonextgen’, localizing it to India.

Designed specifically to cater automotive needs, using NNG’s nearly 10 years of industry experience and projects for over 30 car manufacturers, iGOprimonextgenfeatures an adaptive HMI allowing easy customization for different hardware, screen size and resolution, while also being platform-independent.

Its easy adaptability is what makes it the perfect model for OEM’s as it saves time and resources while adjusting the same, thus providing affordable navigation solution to the automotive industry.

Flexibility is alsopresentindataentrymodes, asiGO primo nextgen supports multimodal data entry, including touch screen, rotary controller, and voice control, as well as a combination of these technologies.

The effortstomaketheconnectedcar a realitydon’t stop here. iGO primo nextgen,withan additionalfeatureset, alreadyinthefinalstages of development, willofferseamlessintegrationwiththesmartphone of the driver, tobridgethegapbetween the life cycles of smartphones and headunits. Withdataaggregatedfrommultiplecontentproviders, itwillallowliveweatherupdates and parking helpbutalsopossessesfeatureslike local search and trafficupdatesthatguidesyoutotheclosest, traffic free route and offershigh end connectivity, contentupdates and datasynchronization. The additional feature set is planned to be part of iGO primo nextgenin the coming months.

Péter Bolesza, Vice President of Emerging Markets at NNG said, “NNG’s vision is that this revolutionary navigation technology will be the game changer for navigation in India. This new software is part of our vision to create user friendly and affordable navigation solutions for all. The software can be adapted to any hardware or car model, which makes it truly unique; we enable our partners to choose the right mix of technologies for every model of their vehicle brands. We are hoping that the response from the Indian market will be appreciative as we continue to commit ourselves to consistently develop innovative next generation navigation solutions to ensure smooth, congestion-free, convenient and distraction free commuting in India."

ANS, as the strategic partner of NNG in India will further aid in providing the necessary customer understanding and customer support. Due to the cooperation of the two companies,iGO primo nextgen is to be available on the market from late August for current and potential automotive partners of NNG and ANS.

Localized to India:

iGO primo nextgen carries a number of special features to offer a navigation experience tailored to the Indian market. Point addressing, natural guidance, and Integrated Quick Search are all aimed to make navigation a smooth experience and provide exceptional usability.

The 2013 financial results have shown that NNG owns a 26% market share in the OEM line-fit, and 65% in the aftermarketglobally (excluding JCK). It has also recently acquired nfuzion, an American HMI prototyping company, thus broadening its presence in automotive on-board systems.

About NNG LLC:

NNG is theglobal leading navigation solution provider for the Automotive, Personal and Wireless navigation markets, offering on-board 3D navigation applications that incorporate connected features and a universal online update portal. The core technology is based on the standard-setting iGO Navigation Engine, comprising of innovative navigation software, fluid User Interfaces and related content and services to device manufacturers, auto makers, network operators, professional transport specialists and individual users globally.

iGO Navigation software is currently installed in more than 20 million devices throughout the world. Based on supplier agreements with 16 Tier1s delivering to over 30 car brands, NNG intends to ship over additional 30 million licenses in the coming years. NNG continues to develop global markets for navigation solutions through 11 company branches, including Hungary, Israel, Switzerland, India, Australia, China, Japan and the United States (4x).

To find out more about NNG please visit www.nng.com. For more information about iGO Navigation products, visitwww.igonavigation.com.

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