• Hindi
  • Marathi
  • Gujarati
  • Bengali
  • Tamil
  • Oriya
  • Punjabi
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Telugu
  • Assamese
  • City Coverage.....7,726
  • Road Coverage.....4 M Km.
  • POIs.....9.3 M
  • Natural Guidance : 99 Cities
  • Driver Alert : 400 Cities; Highways
  • Traffic Light : 280 Cities
  • Speed Limit : 200 Cities
  • Extended Lanes : 86 Cities
  • 3D Landmarks : 3,565 Models
  • 2D Junctions : 1,010 Decision points
  • 2D Signs : 262 Images
  • 2D Generalized JV : 2,033 Decision points
  • Generic Motorway Signs
  • 3D City Model : 3 Cities**
  • Venue : 315 Venues
  • Point Addressing : 7.25 M./102 Cities
  • Historical Monuments : 4.5 K POIs
  • India Local Guide : 42 K POIs
  • Lonely Planet : 5.4 k POIs
  • Traffic Services : 23 Cities
  • Traffic Pattern : 30 Cities; FC 1 road PAN India
  • TMC Codes : 30 Cities
  • Fuel Type
  • Transit : 29 Transit system
  • Toll Cost : National Highways
  • Voice Phonemes : Hindi, Gujarati and Tamil

3D Landmarks

3D Landmarks is 3D models of prominent landmarks with photorealistic façades such as historic buildings, tourist attractions & high-rise buildings.

3D Landmarks can improve user orientation and sense of place with realistic, fully textured 3D models of prominent landmarks.

Driver Alerts

Driver Alert is a database of road regulations or situations that require special attention, linked to the NAVTEQ® map. This product enables ANS Navigator to warn drivers of upcoming areas with special conditions. Alert data includes School Zones for India.

Extended Lanes and Lane Markings

This feature enables ANS Navigator to guide the user to the right lane on complex junctions with voice, text or visual cues.

Extended Number of Lanes: indicating the total number of lanes along a stretch of road, including turn lanes and exit lanes.

Point Addressing

Point Addressing enhances the accuracy of destination selection and precision of “to the door” arrival by providing points adjusted to the road for address locations.

3D City Models

3D City Models are accurate representations of building footprints in the form of building polygons with height attributes within the NAVTEQ® map. This feature enables ANS Navigator to display the buildings of city areas using the shape and height of buildings.

Enhanced Junction Views

Enhanced Junction Views are simple and easy to understand 2D images of junctions and motorway rings that are derived from the NAVTEQ map. They enable improved visual orientation and lane level visual guidance on complex highway intersections and motorway rings driver guidance and reducing those stressful last minute maneuvers.

Sign as Real

Sign-as-Real is a realistic, graphical representation of motorway signs in Scalable Vector Graphics format. This feature enables improved guidance at complex decision points for drivers. A reconstructed picture of the sign enables easy recognition of the real situation and supports drivers during maneuvers. This feature enables ANS Navigator to have customized display for specific guidance, for example, fading out irrelevant signs or emphasizing destination text.

Sign-as-Real is used in combination with Enhanced Junction Views, to support guidance at complex intersections.

Navteq Natural Guidance

NAVTEQ Natural Guidance is a set of descriptive attributes coded to provide directional cues in terms similar to how humans give directions. It enhances guidance with more intuitive navigation commands that support drivers in making driving decisions with confidence.

It enables ANS Navigator to provide context to the surrounding environment that helps drivers more easily orient themselves in unfamiliar or complex situations.

In ANS Navigator NAVTEQ Natural Guidance is combined with NAVTEQ Voice for Natural Guidance to provide even more context to the surrounding environment.

Navteq India Local Guide

India Local Guide is rich content that provides relevant and concise information on POIs.

The product enables applications to help users make informed decisions on which POI to visit based on time, budget and other criteria.

Historical Monuments

Historical Monuments is rich content about monuments and other important locations in India as certified by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

This feature enables ANS Navigator to help sophisticated travelers make more informed decisions on how to plan their routes.